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Performance (2013)

by Spacemen 3

  • 180gram coloured 12"

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ur sincere apologies but we are not currently able to offer mp3s of this Spacemen 3 release. We hope to have a resolve this issue very soon. In the meantime we hope you are able to enjoy this record in its original form on wonderful vinyl.

For further information and to be added to a contacts list regarding this issue, please email Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

Spacemen 3, led by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) and Jason Pierce have never been more influential, and now their distinctive style and sound can finally be properly recognized and enjoyed in their original form!!!

As the first stage in Fire Records comprehensive Spacemen 3 reissue campaign, they are proud to release, for the first time on LP in the U.S. the band's unforgettable debut record, Sound of Confusion, the defining sound of the classic The Perfect Prescription, and the jaw-dropping live haze of Performance. All of the LPs have been restored to their original tracklisting and come in three special 180gram colored vinyl editions.

Performance arrives on 180gram orange vinyl. Recorded in Amsterdam in 1988, the live Performance documents a set from the Perfect Prescription tour; the emphasis here is on the group's loud, noisy origins -- only the closing "Feel So Good" hints at the more subdued atmospheres and textures which emerged as Spacemen 3's primary focus as they approached Playing With Fire. Among the highlights: "Take Me to the Other Side," "Walkin' With Jesus" and "Come Together."


released May 9, 2013



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Spacemen 3 England, UK

One of the most influential bands of the 80s British underground, the number of bands with a sonic debt to the Kember/Pierce partnership seems to grow every year. Like a lot of bands that have forged iconic status in the guitar world, even though they were much more than a noisy guitar band, they reinvented noise in music. ... more

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